You can stay in Bella and Edward’s honeymoon house from the Twilight films

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Cast your mind back a few years – were you a massive Twilight f an?

The vampy series was a huge hit and many still hold a secret torch for Bella and Edward.

If you were a Twilight-lover you may remember Isle Esme –the fictional island where the couple honeymoon.

No, it’s sadly not real – Carlisle didn’t really buy it for his wife.

But, the dreamy location isn’t entirely fictional.

The stunning getaway where Edward and Bella lounged is actually in Paratay, Brazil.

And, you can rent it through Vrbo.

Where is your dream holiday set? Let us know in the comments section…

While we’re sure your holiday wouldn’t perfectly match the vampire couple’s it’s pretty close.

The home is set between two hills so it’s very secluded.

You can only reach the location via boat or helicopter – just like in Stephanie Meyer’s books.

It’s based in the tropical fjord of Saco do Mamanguá, reports Insider.

So visitors can swim in the ocean and chill out on the beach.

You can also enjoy stunning mountain views.

The home is decorated in a way that blends the interiors with the outside’s natural beauty.

Tiles floors, houseplants, huge windows and natural materials make you feel like you’re in a treehouse.

The main level even has large glass walls to give you full view of the jungle.

The beautiful home fit into the Twilight series perfectly – the Cullens loved open architecture.

There are several bespoke features which make the villa extra special.

The architect added a wicker ceiling, for one.

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And the tiles were made by Francisco Brennand, a Brazilian sculptor.

Skylights increase your exposure to the natural world.

And, the space is air conditioned – a must in steamy Brazil.

The 37,674 square foot home has six bedrooms and sleeps 12.

And, it’s pet-friendly so you can bring your pooches.

There’s no shortage of washrooms – there are eight loos in the home.

And there’s a washing machine and dryer, in case you were hoping to stay a while.

In fact, the house is so big that there’s a bridge spanning across the lounge on the second floor.

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And, if it’s cold, there’s a fireplace to enjoy.

Now, we’re not going to lie – if you want to act like Bella you need to spend some serious cash.

The Brazilian home costs $3,257 per night.

That’s about £2488.

If you manage to rustle up 11 pals then it’ll set you back £207 each per night.

Oh, and there’s a three night minimum stay.

The listing reads: “Enjoy this spectacular house where Twilight the film was filmed.

“Edward and Bella (the protagonists) venture to Brazil to honeymoon on the isle of Esme, which doesn’t actually exist.

“Where they actually went was Paraty, Brazil, a colonial town and blossoming vacation retreat halfway in between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

“Specifically, they went to a beachfront house in Saco do Mamanguá, a tropical fjord, which even you too can enjoy.”

Unfortunately, no vampires are included in the cost.

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