Woman brings hammock on flight to make long-haul journey more comfortable

When taking a flight everyone has their own must-have items to make the journey more comfortable.

For many passengers, this is usually an eye mask, ear plugs or even a neck pillow to help them get some sleep on long journeys. (Although it turns out we've all been using travel pillows the wrong way).

Some even choose to bring a face mask for skin hydration or rub vaseline in their nostrils to avoid viruses and dryness.

But, one young woman's go-to plane hack had her fiancé confused when she brought it out on the plane.

On TikTok, Jake Miller shared a clip of his partner on a journey to Thailand.

He said: "My fiancée brought a foot hammock for this 14 hour flight to Thailand."

His intended was shown carrying her hammock around before hooking it up to the seat and sliding her feet inside to relax.

In the comments section, Jake said: "She's boujee."

You can buy foot hammocks fairly cheaply online – they start from £8.99 on Amazon, while Wowcher even has some costing £12.99 right now.

The foot hammock lets you slide your feet and ankles inside to give yourself leg support at a comfortable height.

If you then recline your seat – which some people take issue with – it can make the plane seat more easy to sleep in.

In the video’s comments plenty of people were surprised at the clever invention and wanted to pick one up themselves.

One person said: "Dude foot hammock is a MUST. Game changer."

"It works," another noted. "Only way I’ve been able to fly comfortably internationally."

While a third added: "Man.. I’m glad I stumbled upon your page."

The video was so popular that it quickly went viral with more than 5.5million views.

What's your must-have travel item? Tell us in the comments…


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