When Airbnbs go bad: Here are signs you should bail on yours and how to get your money back

For Kate McCulley, the decision to leave her vacation rental was easy. The owner had advertised a reliable wireless connection, but when she checked in, McCulley could only pick up a faint signal.

“I needed the wireless signal so I could work,” says McCulley, who was staying in an Airbnb in Kotor, Montenegro. “I got there and found out that the internet was actually through a hotel across the street, and I couldn’t access it unless I leaned out the window with my phone.”

You will find most, but not all, rentals as advertised. But now, in the middle of the summer vacation season, is the right time to talk about those that are not. Because if you want to get a refund, there’s a right way – and a wrong way – to leave your vacation rental.

When should you leave your vacation rental?

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