Travel insurance: Do any travel insurance policies cover coronavirus?

Flights schedules are starting to fill up again and lockdown restrictions are being eased, but the FCO advice is yet to approve of international trips. If you are thinking of booking flights to a country welcoming Brits, you will want to consider travel insurance.

Martin Lewis and the team at Money Saving Expert regularly offer Brits financial advice.

The Money Saving Expert often speaks about travel, particularly during the pandemic.

The website’s latest newsletter revealed the best travel insurance policies at the moment.

Travelling is risky at the moment, with the UK Government still warning against non-essential travel.

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  • Martin Lewis: Best travel insurance policies which cover coronavirus

Do any travel insurance policies cover coronavirus?

The UK Government advises against all but essential travel, even though airlines are starting to fly again.

No travel insurance provider will cover travelling while the Foreign Commonwealth Offices advise against it.

You also will not be protected if the travel restriction is lifted but your holiday is cancelled due to future travel restrictions elsewhere or in the UK.

However, some travel insurance policies will offer some coronavirus cover.

Which insurance policies cover against coronavirus?

Money Saving Expert put together a list of the policies which cover the medical costs you would face if you catch coronavirus abroad.

The insurers offering this cover include Leisure Guard (Standard), Staysure (Comprehensive), Saga (if you are 50 and over), the Post Office (Standard), and the AllClear (GoldPlus).

Other policies will cover if you or a family member get the virus before travelling and subsequently cannot travel, as well as medical cover abroad for coronavirus.

This is the coverage you are looking for, and is the most protection you will be able to find at present.

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Cover wise (Silver) offers annual cover from £18.40 and single trip cover from £8.50 with excess of £100.

It offers cancellation cover for coronavirus, but only if family member is receiving treatment for coronavirus.

Axa (Silver) offers the same protection, but costs from £26.92 for annual cover, and at least £18.95 for a one week trip.

The same is true for CoverForYou (Silver), but this policy has £0 excess.

This is the sum that the insurance company will deduct before they pay out, which means you save hundreds with this policy if you need to make a claim.

Annual cover on this policy starts at £32 for annual cover and £10.75 for a single trip.

CoverForYou, Cedar Tree and Outbacker are owned by Neil Wright.

Mr Wright is founder and managing director of all three insurers, which have recently expanded their coronavirus cover.

He said: “The expanded Covid cover is designed to give people additional peace of mind and make clear the levels of cover in place for specific incidents we’ve seen emerging which may affect them before and during travel.

“In effect, we are treating Covid the way we would a normal illness. If you fall ill with Covid or have self-isolation restrictions as a result then coverage is in place.

“This level of cover couldn’t be more timely. With lockdown easing, flights starting to resume and borders opening, people are – probably for the first time in three months – seeing glimmers of hope they will have a summer holiday after all.

“That’s reflected in the very early signs we’re seeing of policy sales beginning to not only resume, but slowly increase, especially for single trip policies.”

The FCO advice, which advises against British Nationals travelling internationally, is under constant review. Travel insurance policies will be updated alongside this.

Any policy sold by Cedar Tree or Outbacker covers any medical claim due to coronavirus while travelling, and the insurer also includes cover for cancellation due to falling ill with Coronavirus and being unable to travel or having to self isolate.

Additionally, the insurer includes cover for curtailment due to the death of a close relative due to Coronavirus.

Key elements of the cover from the three insurers include:

If you are due to stay at a family member’s house and the family member, or someone in their household, has to self-isolate due to a pandemic, so you choose to cancel your trip because you have nowhere to stay

If you are not allowed to board a plane at the airport due to detected Covid symptoms

If you fall ill with Covid-19 or another pandemic illness and cannot travel
If you, or a member of your household, have to self-isolate at home and cannot travel

If during travel, travel restrictions for a pandemic illness are imposed which were not in force ahead of travel, requiring you to return home.

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