Thousands arriving at UK airports from nations ‘ravaged’ with COVID-19 without ANY checks

The UK still has no screening for coronavirus on the arrival of flight passengers from abroad. In line with advice from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, there are no temperature checks at airports. However, aviation analyst Alex Macheras warned ITV’s Good Morning Britain that this leaves the UK as an “outlier” compared to 90 percent of the world.


He said: “We know Matt Hancock said around 10 days ago that there are 15,000 passengers arriving into the UK.

“That figure is probably somewhere now between 6,000 to 10,000 passengers still walking into the UK without no checks, no measures, no quarantine, no requirement to self-isolate.

“We spoke a few days ago about how the Government were ‘considering’ that they may introduce measures.

“It’s questionable as to why they haven’t just stated that ‘for those passengers arriving right now, you should be self-isolating’, given many could be returning from destinations that have been ravaged by coronavirus.”

Mr Macheras continued: “They are still holding their heels, they are still waiting on any announcement regarding the change to airport measures.

“This leaves the country as an outlier compared to 90 percent of countries where the world’s population are living in.”

Currently passengers are given advice on what to do if they become symptomatic.

Once numbers of new cases begin a sustained fall, the Government plans to introduce a regime similar to that in place in Singapore and Australia.

In Australia, airport hotels are being used to quarantine arrivals for 14 days.

The UK plan would require air, sea and rail passengers to specify the address where they intend to spend the next two weeks.

The authorities would conduct spot checks to ensure that travellers are at the address they registered.

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The air industry around the world have seen numbers plummet amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many countries have imposed international travel restrictions.

Some airlines are offering vouchers instead of refunds for cancelled flights.

This has caused outrage among passengers, who are demanding to have all their money back.

Under EU law, passengers are entitled to a full refund.

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