Stay in a hotel that’s made from ice – including a frozen bar, bed and slide

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The UK enjoyed a brief heatwave this weekend making Brits keen to go on holiday.

But, not everyone is a lover of beach trips…

If you’re more of a winter person this hotel could be perfect for you.

Especially, if you’re into weird and wonderful experiences.

The Hotel de Glace in Quebec, Canada is a hotel made entirely of ice.

Yep, even the beds are carved from the cold stuff.

The stunning experience is only available from January until the end of March – but you should book ahead to avoid disappointment.

The ice hotel includes wondrous exhibitions and is based in a vibrant Canadian province.

The hotel is based just 20 minutes Quebec City so you’ll be able to enjoy a huge range of restaurants and tourist attractions.

But, the star of the show is the architectural wonder of the ice hotel.

From carved ice chandeliers and sculptures to the magical Grand Hall – there’s a lot to see.

Plus, there are even themed suites to add to the fun.

The temperatures in the rooms never slips below -3 degrees celsius – even when it’s -30 outside – thanks to the cosy fires.

Plus you get to use insulating sheets, hot tubs and saunas to keep warm.

There’s also an ice bar!

You can sit and warm up by the fireplace while enjoying cocktails served in an ice glass.

Try the Windshield Washer or the Ski-Doo Crash for a treat.

The Hotel de Glace is a one-of-a-kind experience that you’ll be talking about for years.

The Quebec Cite website said: “The only ice hotel in North America will re-open on January 2, 2020.

“Made entirely of snow and ice, this architectural marvel is a wonder to behold."

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It continued: “Explore the beautiful Great Hall, chapel, ice slide, exhibitions and Ice Bar.

“You can spend the night in one of the themed suites (and get to use the outdoor spa and sauna) or try a delicious cocktail served in a glass made of ice.

“The Hôtel de Glace is perfect for a wintry romantic retreat or a get-together for family or friends.”

One review said: “Good for all ages and very accommodating of tourists from all over the world.”

More than excellent. Staff incredible,” read another.

So, make like Elsa and enjoy this frozen wonder when they re-open in January 2021.

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