Spain holidays: When can Britons holiday in Spain again? Experts reveal all

Spain is a popular summer holiday destination for thousands of Britons across the country. But as COVID-19 continues to ravage the population of Spain, its looking like Britons won’t be spending their summer holidays on the Costa del Sol. Spain has now reported a huge 140,510 cases of coronavirus and a shocking 13,798 deaths as a result of the disease.


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As the Easter holidays approach and temperatures rise, the country’s beaches, bars and restaurants would normally be packed with Britons.

However, this year it’s looking like the streets of Spain will remain empty.


Social media groups all dedicated to popular Spanish holidays have been inundated with questions from Britons asking when they will be allowed to return.

Many local Spaniards are convinced that business will not go back to normal until next year.

President of Benidorm’s British Businesses Association, Karen Maling Cowles told Sun Online Travel that she doesn’t see British tourism picking up for a few months, much to the dismay of Britons.

She said: “We mustn’t build people’s hopes up – until the virus is contained, it’s not in our interests.

“I don’t personally think that we’re going to start recovering from this until June or July and even that’s maybe early.

“But British tourism I don’t see happening until September.

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“Because the UK is still so far behind Spain and until you have it contained, people won’t be allowed to come and have their week in Benidorm.

“Otherwise, the locals will all be scared that they’re going to get it and then it will be uncontrolled again.

“Movement is what has caused this virus to develop and it has to be contained.

“I don’t think that until it is contained, people can begin to start thinking about their holidays again.”

Spain has been in a state of emergency since March 14 which was extended to April 26.

Only Britons who can prove they are residents in Spain can enter the country.

Hotels and Bed and Breakfasts have been closed since March 26 with the exception of some businesses who have stayed open to house guests who have been unable to catch flights home.

But it’s looking like the British borders could be the issue in the long-run.

The Association of British Travel Agents spokesperson, Sean Tipton told Sun Online Travel: “If you look at Spain, they are ahead of us in dealing with coronavirus, so that would imply they will deal with this earlier than we do and therefore their borders will probably open before ours do.”

He added that breaks in Spain in the Autumn and Winter could offer more deals for holidaymakers.

He added: “They will want to make sure they can get over coronavirus first, but tourism is the second or third largest employer in Spain, so they really will be very keen on getting their hotels reopened as soon as they possibly can.

“The Spanish are also very sensible about pricing, so while other places might be tempted to put the prices up, they won’t do it. So there will be some very good deals.

“We might see more people travelling outside of traditional summer months and Spain is ideally placed for that.

“The weather in southern Spain and the Balearics, is good until the middle of November, even if you go in January and February to the Costa Del Sol, the weather is generally sunny and pleasant in comparison to the UK.

“Then the Canary Islands will obviously do very well as it’s a classic winter sun destination.”

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