Spain: Balearics ‘safer than anywhere in Europe’ – but Britons continue to cancel holidays

Britons on holiday in Spain now have to quarantine for 14 days on their return from the country. The new measures re-introduced by the Government over the weekend include the Balearic and Canary Islands. The move has infuriated the Spanish government which relies heavily on Britons for tourism. 

Former President of the Balearics Jose Ramon Bauza spoke to Sky news today about the impact of the British Government’s decision and how he felt the islands were “absolutely safe”.

Mr Bauza was asked by Sky News’ Niall Paterson what his reaction was to the measures taken by the British Government as tourists will not be visiting Balearics for “quite some time”.

“We don’t understand this decision from the British Government,” Mr Bauza said.

He continued: “Of course we’ve had some outbreaks but most of the regions have low numbers. It’s better than in Britain.

“I can assure you that being here in the Balearics is absolutely safe.

“It’s as safe as any other place in Europe.”

He then explained that he didn’t know about the decision when the UK announced that Spain would be removed from the ‘air bridge’ list.

He said: “I have many neighbours – friends of mine – who phoned me the day after the announcement ‘what do you know about it because we don’t know anything about it’.

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“And my answer was, ‘you have more information than me because we knew absolutely nothing about the decision’.”

Mr Bauza, who was the president of the Balearic Islands between 2011 and 2015, explained that the amount of cases in the Balearic Islands is very low along with some other regions in mainland Spain.

“There are many regions in Spain, for example Andalusia, which have had very low figures,” he added.

Mr Bauza explained that he thought the decision was unfair.

He said: “It’s confused not only me but tourists from Britain. For me, it’s an absolutely unfair situation.”

The Balearics received a whopping 13.6 million tourists in 2019.

Mr Bauza explained that the islands would be heavily impacted by the absence of British people.

He continued: “I can give you a personal example.

“Yesterday afternoon, I was with the owners of some restaurants and the manager of a hotel in Majorca.

“He told me yesterday night that all the reservations from British people had been cancelled.”

He added: “TUI have cancelled their flights – we are suffering big damage.

“Not only in the Balearics but in the whole of Spain.

“To know that at least 20 percent of incoming tourists are from Britain – that’s millions of euros we’re losing because of this situation.”

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