Portugal travel update: Can I travel to Portugal? Is Portugal on UK quarantine list?

Portugal has long been deemed not safe for travel by the UK Government, but now it has been freed from the constraints of the UK’s travel ban. Transport Secretary Grant Schapps confirmed the change today.

Changes to the safe travel list will come into place on Saturday, August 22, meaning UK travellers will not have to quarantine upon return from the country.

The Transport Secretary tweeted: ” Data also shows we can now add Portugal to those countries INCLUDED in Travel Corridors.

“As with all air bridge countries, please be aware that things can change quickly.

“Only travel if you are content to unexpectedly 14-day quarantine if required (I speak from experience!)”

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said a range of factors were taken into account when the Joint Biosecurity Centre and ministers make their assessments on which countries to add and remove from the list.

They include: estimated prevalence of COVID-19 in a country; the level and rate of change in the incidence of confirmed positive cases; the extent of testing in a country, the testing regime and test positivity; the extent to which cases can be accounted for by a contained outbreak as opposed to more general transmission in the community; government actions and “other relevant epidemiological information”.

However, the addition of Portugal comes with the removal of several other countries.

Croatia, Austria and Trinidad & Tobago have been removed from the air corridor list, meaning people arriving in the UK after 4am on Saturday will have to quarantine.

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