Mum’s ‘genius’ hack lets you take passport snaps of your toddler with ease

A parent has revealed a clever trick when applying for your children’s passports that may make the process easier.

We all know how tricky it can be to get young children to stay still, look ahead and not cry or laugh.

Well, it seems a mum has the solution to our difficulties.

Gabby shared her tip on TikTok where she frequently posts about family life.

In a recent video she noted that it’s often difficult to get a passport approved photo of toddlers when applying for their first ever passport.

She captioned the clip: "How to take passport pictures of toddlers."

In the TikTok viral scene she tries to put her daughter into a chair in front of the mandatory white background.

But, the little girl refused to stay still, reports the Sun.

So, Gabby’s husband wore a white sheet and sat on the chair to hold her child for the photograph.

Showing the end result of the clever tip, the mum noted: "Passport pic or mugshot".

And, people were impressed with the clever passport clip with more than 10million people watching it.

In the comments many celebrated the idea.

One person noted: "OMG, why didn't I think of that.”

"Wow that's a literal genius,” noted another.

While a third laughed: “Later in life tell her a ghost was holding her."

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She argued that the photo wouldn’t be accepted but gabby commented in another video that it was fine and wasn’t sent back.

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