Mum horrified by £9.99 vegan breakfast during family trip to Center Parcs

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A mum was left "shocked" when she received the vegan breakfast she ordered on a family trip.

Jennifer Carr, 37, was holidaying with her family at the Center Parcs Sherwood Forest when she was handed a £9.99 dish which wasn’t up to her standards.

The plate featured half a piece of brown toast, a half cooked tomato, one mushroom, a small portion of baked beans, two hash browns and four thin slices of red pepper.

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Center Parcs has been allowing customers to order through their app with a meat cooked breakfast and vegetarian alternative available.

The mum and her husband, who is also vegan, were given the option to make the meal plant-based but when dish arrived it wasn’t exactly what they had imagined.

She told Sun Online Travel : "I was really quite shocked. It was pretty small, so we had to order extra mushrooms, beans and tomatoes on top. I looked at it and thought, I’ve paid ten pounds for this. And we were starving afterwards."

Jennifer also paid £2.99 for a coffee, as well as £1.49 each for extra baked beans, mushrooms and hash browns.

The mum continued: "It wouldn't be hard to improve it given the range of items you can buy in the supermarket these days.

"We love the Richmond vegan sausages, so they could have added those or even just some extra mushroom and extra tomato would have been nice – even a bit more pepper."

But despite their disappointing meals, Jennifer said the family had a great time and appreciated how the staff made guests feel safe.

She added: "The trip was lovely. Center Parcs was great, the staff were lovely and everything was clean – we felt very comfortable. It was just the food that was an issue."

A spokesperson from Center Parcs told the publication: "This is clearly not up to our usual high standards and we apologise.

"We are in the process of reviewing our vegan offering and will be introducing new dishes very soon."

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