Matt Heath: the louder you yell, the less they hear


Last year our family’s July ski holiday was a selfish, financially crippling indulgence. This year it’s a heroic economy saving rescue mission.

We’ve been down here in Queenstown for the last week having an amazing time. We’re not doing it for us. We are doing it for the good of our fine nation.

Patriotically eating out every night. Always ordering dessert for the good of the country. It’s our little stimulus package.

Last Wednesday night I made a real difference. Judging by my drained credit card me and a local mate pumped a lot into the local economy. Apparently we were being kind to everyone we met.

That said, the trip hasn’t been completely honourable. Even with great motives and a beautiful location, holiday’s can go sour.

Especially if there’s a grumpy dad like me involved. I’d like to share the ways I ruined our heroic holiday. Three learnings that might help vacationers who are bankrupting themselves for the good of the nation.

You Can’t Enforce Appreciation

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