Man boards 6-hour flight only to find he’s bagged entire plane to himself

A holidaymaker was gobsmacked after boarding his flight to realise he had the entire plane to himself.

Robbie Allen was jetting off from Sydney, Australia, to the sunny island go Fiji in the South Pacific.

The idyllic nation is famous for its turquoise waters, tropical plant life and luxury hotels so tourists are likely to expect a relaxing experience after the flight.

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But, when Robbie stepped through the doors he noticed the Virgin Airlines flight was completely empty.

He shared the bizarre experience – which happened last year – on TikTok.

He explained: "I was literally the only person on the whole plane.

"The captain came and sat next to me and talked to me. The staff just gave me whatever I wanted.

"I have the whole plane for myself – it's for my birthday, I'm the VIP."

Robbie said the experience was “wild” and was handed free Prosecco, an entire bowl of snacks and anything else he liked.

He wrote: "It was creepy at first but then amazing, just wish I hadn't already paid for business class."

It’s not the first time such an event has occurred either.

Empty planes are sometimes flown as “ghost flights” when the vehicle needs to reroute to another destination.

Even if there are no passengers the airline keeps to its scheduled route.

A student was gobsmacked to discover he was the only person onboard an eight-hour British Airways flight from London to Ontario in 2022.

Kai Forsyth is from Derby but goes to college in the US and was returning back to the States when he had "the weirdest experience" of flying in a plane he said carried no passengers except himself and the crew.

He also shared the amusing travel tale on TikTok and got comfy by making a bed on four empty seats.

"It was eight hours so I set up a bed. Literally the comfiest I've ever been on a plane," he writes on the screen.

Kai also shows how he was given a wholesale box full of Walkers shortbread biscuits since there was nobody else to cater for.

"They literally gave me all the snacks and unlimited food," he laughed.


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