In-flight perks you can get by simply asking – from extra food to fancy drinks

Flying is exciting for most Brits mostly because it means we’re going on holiday or to somewhere new.

However, plane journeys in economy are less than comfortable most of the time.

The seats are too small, there aren’t enough loos and the food and drink can be expensive.

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Plus, if it's at night time there’s usually someone snoring away in the cabin.

But, there are some small perks you can try to nab that will make your journey more comfortable.

While you will need to ask the flight attendants very nicely one are happy to accommodate people who are polite, patient and even offer to help them out.

If you’ve agreed to swap seats with someone or offered to put your bag in the hold you’re more likely to get these perks.

1. First Class treats

Just because you've paid for an economy class ticket doesn't mean you can't enjoy some of the perks that come with First Class, reports the Mirror.

While you're not entitled to them you can always ask to maybe try a cappuccino or cheese platter…

Some members of cabin crew will offer these out to passengers who ask very nicely; there are no guarantees, but you're more likely to win favours by being nice than being that Annoying Passenger in seat 40A.

2. In-flight comforts

Planes are usually well-stocked with little luxuries that can help you sleep on a long-haul flight – eye masks, ear plugs, socks and even slippers!

However, the most under-used air travel extra has got to be the airline pyjamas; change into the comfy lounge wear and keep your clothes fresh!

They're usually only available in Business/First Class on airlines like Emirates or British Airways, but if you happen to spill your food down your top, there's a good chance the crew might take pity and hunt down a spare pair.

Plus, you usually get to take them home if you've worn them…

3. Extra meals

Getting hunger pangs and forgot to pack snacks and drinks?

It's always worth enquiring about a second helping of breakfast or dinner as some passengers skip meals in favour of sleep – so there may be a surplus.

Be patient, wait until the cabin crew have served everyone, then politely ask if there are any spare in-flight meals left over.

You shouldn't expect a 'yes' every time, but no one likes wasted food, so it's always worth a go and you might get lucky.

You should only try this on flights where meals and snacks are included not when you have to pay for them as flight crew won't simply give away money-making items.

4. Tour of the flight deck

Always wondered what goes on in the cockpit? Ask nicely and you may able to see for yourself.

Security has become a lot stricter in recent years so an in-flight tour is unlikely, but some do offer tours before take-off and after landing especially if you have a child who's a wannabe pilot.

It's worth noting that each airline has a different policy – some ban tours altogether, and some are happy to accommodate.

5. First Aid

There'll always be a first aid kit on board your flight in case of emergencies, so do ask if you need a plaster, sanitary products or feel unwell.

It's wise to pack some basic painkillers in your hand luggage for things like headaches, as cabin crew are not permitted by law to dispense any medication.

6. Extra help with the kids

Whether you just need an extra pair of hands or your little one's throwing a bit of a tantrum, most cabin crew will sympathise and try to help.

This can including holding your baby while you store hand luggage or keeping kids entertained with colouring books and crayons.

Ask about kids' activity packs when you board, as some domestic and short-haul flights offer these as well as long-haul airlines.


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