Holidays: The new travel trend set to boost health and immunity after coronavirus

In recent years health and wellness-focused holidays have stormed to the forefront, offering visitors the chance to revamp their fitness, realign their mind and relax. Now, in the midst of a pandemic which has changed the world, a vacation promising immunity-boosting benefits could be exactly what lustful holidaymakers are craving.


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Paul Joseph, founder and managing director of Health and Fitness Travel certainly thinks so.

“Next year travel will increase as more people will be looking for an escape from a long and difficult year,” he told

“I think generally people will be looking to rebook missed holidays from this year as well as booking new travel.

“Since the pandemic has showcased the importance in physical and mental health, I think there will also be an increase in people looking to book wellness holidays, to maintain their well-being, begin their fitness journey and fight off future viruses.”

Though many people may feel anxious about venturing out into a world after the virus, Mr Joseph also believes it has highlighted the importance of physical wellbeing.

“The pandemic and risk of future viruses have shown the importance of good physical and mental health and to look after ourselves,” he said.

“Through online workouts and healthy practices, people have already started to place a focus on improving their health and fitness.

“As more people go to work, they will have less time to focus on personal health in daily life and so they will start turning to healthy retreats and fitness holidays for a re-boot.”

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The good news is, there is a health retreat to suit all manner of needs.

Health and Fitness Travel specialised in everything from weight loss, fitness and detox holidays to meditation and medical spas, sports holidays and active tours.

Destinations vary too, with the firm specialising not only in retreats here in the UK for those who want to stay closer to home but in far-flung and exotic escapes.

Holidaymakers can transport themselves to a health and fitness camp on the golden beaches of Sri Lanka or sweating it out on an active mountain biking adventure in the mountains of Thailand.


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What’s more, many of these holidays set aside specific time for visitors to discover their new surroundings.

“Our Wellness, Active and Sailing Tours incorporate well-being and fitness into adventure and exploration,” Mr Joseph pointed out.

“With activities like kayaking, yoga and surfing, guests can improve their health and fitness in a range of destinations.

“Whilst visits to monasteries, walking tours of cities and mud baths allow travellers to experience the culture of the country in a similar way to that of a traditional holiday.”

Furthermore, unlikes a regular holiday, these fitness retreats are designed specifically with the customer in mind.

Mr Joseph: “Travellers can expect a tailored programme to their specific requirements; whether that be fitness, adventure, yoga, nutrition, weight loss, detox – there is a programme to suit everyone.

“Our clients will benefit from the advice and expertise of doctors, nutritionists, and personal trainers to help them through every step of their journey and provide them with the tools to continue their practice upon returning home.”

According to Mr Joseph, not only are these holidays growing in popularity, their success has science to back it up.

“Studies have shown that travel clears the mind and triggers genetic changes that decrease stress levels and boost the immune system,” he explained. “Meanwhile, being active not only induces a rush of endorphins, which make you feel happy and energised, but also decreases blood pressure, and reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer.

“A health retreat therefore essentially provides the best of both worlds: a chance to explore the culture of the chosen destination and an opportunity to improve health and well-being whilst there.”

Though these fitness focussed holidays might not be the traditional poolside escape, in a world learning to live with COVID-19, a health and wellbeing boost is certainly something to consider.

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