‘Gorgeous’ Spanish hotspot named top trending destination – ‘picturesque seaside coves’

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Tripadvisor’s 2022 Travellers’ Choice Awards choose winners based on the quality and quantity of review of a destination. The review site also looks at the top trending destination.

Winners in the trending category were rated based on how much growth there had been in the number of reviews per year.

This year’s winner was a gorgeous Spanish hotspot which is a popular destination for British tourists.

Mallorca in Spain topped the Tripadvisor list of trending destinations and it is expected that bookings for holidays on the island will surge soon.

Tripadvisor said: “This gorgeous island with picturesque seaside coves, children friendly beaches and grandiose Moorish architecture is set to get busier as travellers from across the globe set their sights on a Majorcan getaway.

“So Brits planning a 2022 trip there should book up soon to make sure they don’t miss out.”

The Balearic island is a fabulous destination for families with sheltered safe coves for children.

Nightlife fans will find plenty to entertain them in the capital city of Palma while several of the island’s resorts have lively strips.

One of the most popular resorts for British tourists in Mallorca is the party area of Magaluf, sometimes called Shagaluf.

Although the resort has had a reputation for reckless and rowdy behaviour, it has recently banned all-you-can-drink deals and party cruises.

Local officials have said they are trying to attract a different kind of customer to the party resort.

Most tourists tend to holiday on Mallorca’s southern coast where the majority of resorts and hotels are located.

The northern parts of the island are extremely beautiful and a great option for tourists who want to escape the crowds.

In second place in the rankings was the bustling Egyptian city of Cairo. Most tourists visit the incredible pyramids at Giza.

The vibrant city has many ancient ruins to explore as well as an extensive labyrinth of markets to get lost in.

In third place was the popular holiday destination of Rhodes in Greece. The island is known for its stunning beach resorts.

Tourists in Rhodes will also be explore ancient ruins and the island’s charming Old Town.

Tulum in Mexico was ranked fourth in the world in Tripadvisor’s rating and is known for its beaches.

Visitors should also take a trip to see the El Castillo (castle) perched above the resort’s beaches.

Dubrovnik in Croatia came fifth with many tourists flocking to see the city’s idyllic Old Town.

Top trending destinations in 2022 (Tripadvisor)

  1. Mallorca
  2. Cairo
  3. Rhodes
  4. Tulum
  5. Dubrovnik
  6. Ibiza
  7. Natal (Brazil)
  8. Arusha (Tanzania)
  9. Goreme (Turkey)
  10. Santorini (Greece)

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