Google Maps Street View: Shocking moment husband’s secret exposed by wife

Google Maps Street View has a practical role in mapping the streets of the planet. But as the Google car tracks the globe it also snaps folk going about their daily lives. While their actions can be fairly innocuous, sometimes they’re photographed up to no good.

One man came a cropper after his wife spotted him on Google Maps Street View.

He was engaged in an activity he shouldn’t have been.

The photo in question snapped the husband, called Donald, as he stood outside a house.

In the shot, he can be seen standing in the driveway in jeans and a T-shirt in front of a car.

One hand is in his pocket and the other is holding a cigarette.

While this may seem innocent enough to a viewer, but it transpired the man had promised his wife, Julie, he had given up smoking.

When the woman stumbled across the photo she realised he had not been telling the truth.

Julie had first become suspicious her husband wasn’t taking his health kick seriously when she spotted hobnob biscuit wrappers in his car back in 2015, reported The Telegraph.

She then turned detective after hearing that the Google Street View car had recently passed by their road.

Julie found their address on the Google site only to see Donald smoking in broad daylight on their driveway.

She said she couldn’t believe it when she spotted him holding the cigarette outside their house.

Julie easily recognised him, despite Google blurring out his face to hide his identity.

The incident apparently did not lead to an immediate cessation in the habit.

The angry wife told The Telegraph: “You can’t believe the trouble he caused that day.

“He still smokes, but he has cut down.”

Julie explained she went on to make sure he walks for three hours a day as part of an exercise regime.

Since the debacle, Julie said, he isn’t healthy all the time.

However, he has stayed off the Hobnobs.

Donald himself spoke up to warn other husbands like him to be careful with their biscuit wrappers, reported The Telegraph.

“I couldn’t believe it when she got [the photo] up on the computer!” Donald, a taxi driver, said.

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