Google Maps: Street View catches figure emerging from bushes – what’s going on?

Google Maps Street View is is a great tool for those who want to get a glimpse of the world from the comfort of their armchair. Users of the tool can take a look at famous monuments from all around the world.


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From the Eiffel Tower to the Great Wall of China, to the Empire State building and London Bridge, Google Maps is perfect for those who want to explore the world.

Now that the coronavirus pandemic has left many people sat indoors, more and more are searching for unusual scenes on Street View while sat at home.

Some of the most unusual scenes recently included animals driving cars, and men hiding giant spatulas.

The huge street view lens often catches both the weird and the wonderful.

And some of the more bizarre scenes get posted on social media or forums.

Sometimes the photos go viral and catapult users to their five minutes of fame.

Most scenes range from rude gestures to hilarious stances.

But this scene reveals something that is more creepy than funny.

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Is this the creepiest scene ever seen on Google Maps Street View?

The strange scene was spotted on Reddit by a user who described the person in the scene as a “creeper”.

The user said: “Just casually lurking in the bushes.”

The scene shows a figure lurking in some woods looking directly at the Street View camera.

It is not entirely clear where the scene is taking place but it appears to be an autumnal day.

Brown leaves can be seen on the forest floor and the trees are missing most of their leaves.

The person in the shot looks like a man wearing jeans and a white jacket.

They look like they are bald but this could be because of Street View’s blurring tool which manages pixelates people’s faces.

It is unclear why the person is standing in the bushes in this scene.

Maybe the person spotted the Street View lens and decided to try and pull a stunt.

It comes as more recently one user managed to spot a very funny scene in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean between South America and Australia.

Whereas most people would expect to find nothing but a few islands in the middle of the ocean, or pictures from boats, one user found a hilarious scene that included a church and some Ewoks which are from the movie franchise, Star Wars.

The scene showed a group of mini Ewoks stood in a circle around the camera looking inwards.

The image was also taken inside some church ruins which was even more odd.

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