Go NZ: Time for Kiwis to explore New Zealand food

Staying local should be no hardship for gourmet travellers, writes Lucy Corry

When people claim that “New Zealand doesn’t have a cuisine”, Angela Clifford sees red. The North Canterbury farmer, food educator and chief executive of Eat New Zealand says it’s time for Kiwis to explore what makes our kai unique.

“New Zealand food is incredibly diverse. I think it’s incredibly disrespectful when people say we have no cuisine. It’s like saying Italy doesn’t have a cuisine outside of pasta and pizza because you can’t distill a nation into two dishes.

“Our food tastes fresh because we’re so closely connected to the land and the ocean it comes from. New Zealand food tastes like its geography; we have really unique attributes in our UV light, our maritime climate and our young soils. There are so many truly local and regional flavours in our food.

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