GO NZ: Sol3 Mio’s Moses McKay’s holiday memories – a life in Travel

What are your favourite memories from childhood family holidays in NZ?

As a kid we used to pack up as a family, piling into our baby blue Sportpac van and trailer jam-packed with body boards, tents, and a fridge. Yup, a fridge. We had a campground we used to always go to, in an idyllic setting called Oakura Bay. We used to play outdoor cricket with the other local kids and swim down at the beach every day. It was a great spot … and still is! I don’t think the campground is still there but my good friend Jade has a family bach there so I go stay sometimes.

Where is your favourite off the beaten track/secret spot in NZ to get away from it all?

There’s a place in the far north called Spirits Bay. It’s one of the most magical spots in NZ. You could find me up there in a campervan for a few days during the summer…

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