GO NZ: An overnight glamping stay on Kāpiti Island

Birdlife abounds on Kapiti Island, however the star of the show was too shy, writes Pamela Wade

The trip to Kāpiti Island was meant to be all about the little spotted kiwi — but clearly nobody had told the penguins carousing loudly under my floorboards most of the night.

No sooner had I zipped up the tent and tucked myself cosily into bed than they started partying — or courting, or squabbling, it was hard to tell — and clearly were aiming to make a night of it. Add to that the harsh shrieks of kāka, the mellow hoots of ruru and the calls of the kiwi themselves, and Kāpiti nightlife was turning out to be a lot rowdier than I’d expected.

Fortunately, thanks to Kāpiti Island Nature Tours, I’d had a busy day out in the fresh air exploring the island, so falling asleep wasn’t a problem. We had all met up on the beach at Paraparaumu and climbed a ramp on to the boat, which a tractor backed into the sea.

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