Flights: Passenger’s dirty attempt at ‘romance’ onboard leaves fellow fliers reeling

The return of air travel may be welcome to many, but as a result, some passengers have once again found themselves in close quarters to passenger behaviour that has left them far from impressed. On a recent flight, travellers were left astounded that the move one man apparently made to try and display his interest to a lady sat in the row ahead.

A photograph of the moment was captured and has since gone viral on the Instagram account @PassengerShaming.

In the image, an up-close shot of the man’s bare foot, with his toes exposed and extended onto the armrest of the seat in front, can be seen.

Though the sight alone is enough to leave some stomach’s churning, it is what his move intended that has added insult to injury for some.

Sandwiched between the man’s toes is what appears to be a tiny note.

According to a witness account posted by @PassengerShaming: “This is a guy, with a note between his toes, trying to pass a note to a girl in the seat in front of him.”

Though the intention may have been one with romantic undertones, it seems viewers are less than impressed.

“Airlines need to start imposing fines on cretins like these,” wrote one Instagram user.

Another said: “Oh gross. I would call security.”

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Some were left extremely angry.

One person wrote: “This makes me so angry. As a 6 foot 2 man I try so hard to stay within my own space and it’s not easy or comfortable at all.

“What happened to respect? I have my space and you have your space.

“Thank you very much. Over and done with.”

Others just pointed out how unhygienic the move is.

One user wrote: “Gross, who wants to handle a note from in between his toes .”

A second suggested the moment is the reason “why I carry Lysol everywhere”.

Of course, amongst the uproar, there were those who found humour in it and even supported the man’s decision.

“Romantic! Love is in the air…,” wrote one user.

A second said: “You gotta be you in this world.

“He is putting his best foot forward in hopes to attract a woman with a foot and toe fetish. You gotta shoot your shot!!!!”

A third concluded: “AND THEY SAY ROMANCE IS DEAD.”

Bare feet are often a point of contention on planes, and even in the wake of heightened hygiene measures, it seems its a concern that rages on for passengers.

On another flight, passengers demanded a new type of “mask” after spotting a set of toes protruding over a seat into the aisle.

Though the culprit was likely just stretching out for comfort, those who observed the scene were left disgusted.

One Instagram user described the scene as “What nightmares are made of.”

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