Flights: Cabin crew reveal disturbing secrets about how often a plane is really cleaned

Planes are thought to be cleaned after every flight but due to the quick turnaround that most airlines see between flights this is far from the truth. Posting on forum site Reddit, many flight attendants and insiders have shared the truth behind how often they are really cleaned. One flight attendant explained how she cleaned her planes nightly.

She wrote: “Nightly…We would wipe down all the seats, seat trays, windows, baggage compartment exteriors, remove any garbage from seatback pockets…vacuum, all floors, clean bathrooms, empty all garage, mop tiled floors, replace pillowcases and dirty blankets.”

However another insider shared that although this varies between different airlines, planes only often see a deep clean once a month.

They commented: “We clean between flights, this means the plane is vacuumed or swept and spillages are dealt with.

“This all occurs in about 15 minutes because we have such a small team.”

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They also explained how deep cleans are performed just once a month which is a more in-depth clean.

The airline insider revealed that tray tables are the most disgusting thing on the plane as they have seen bare feet on them.

Therefore cabin crew always tend to wipe these down however passengers may want to carry their own antibacterial wipes to ensure they are clean considering food is eaten off of them.

A maintenance mechanic for three airlines said that they have never seen a plane deep cleaned and there are certain things to be wary of.

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They wrote: “Let me tell you that these planes are barely deep cleaned. Typically between each flight they clean up garbage, wipe common surfaces, and clean the bathrooms.

“At the overnights they have more time to vacuum the carpets and wipe down the seats. But as a mechanic that strips down the aircraft down to its basic structure I can tell you to NEVER trust the carpets. We do NOT clean or wash the carpets.”

The insider explained how you can trust the cleanliness of an aeroplane is when it is sent for repair because this is the only time they are scrubbed down.

This is why it is always advised to keep shoes on when moving around inside the aircraft because of how dirty the floor can be.

Posting on Reddit, one flight attendant shared how it is normal to get comfortable and to take off your shoes when you are seated but urged passengers to put them back on when moving around the plane.

“People do everyone a favour and wear clean socks, especially if your feet are odorous. Once you leave your seat to walk and stretch or go to the gallery for a drink, or to the lavatories, PLEASE wear shoes!”

The cabin crew member reveals that planes are unsanitary, especially the toilet floors that aren’t cleaned regularly and only see a quick wipe down.
Toilets onboard could see thousands of passengers before it is cleaned.

The flight attendant explained how the toilet floors generally get splashed with water, soap or any other liquid that your socks will absorb when stood in.

This will then get transferred around the plane which will cause more germs to spread around.

The Points Guy suggested that planes are typically cleaned every 30-45 days but heavy maintenance occurs every one and a half years which is when the carpets are shampooed and deep cleaned.

It is therefore recommended to be your own cleaner when onboard and clean your surrounding areas and anything you touch to ensure you have killed all the germs.

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