Flight secrets: Beat easyJet’s checked luggage fee with this clever hack

Airlines are mainly back up and running after several months of no customers travelling abroad which means Brits can escape for some late Summer sun. However budget airlines like easyJet are known for their tight luggage allowances and hidden costs that travellers may face at the airport. MoneySavingExpert has shared their clever tricks on how to bring the costs down.

The money saving website says: “Easyjet normally has a strict hand luggage limit of just one item – so you can only take one small suitcase or handbag, laptop bag etc.

“However, there is a loophole to get a second bag on, and it lies in post-security shopping. In addition to your standard hand luggage allowance Easyjet allows you to take one shopping bag on board.

“Now it’s worth noting that officially Easyjet says this must be “one standard bag of goods bought at the airport” – and of course, we’re not suggesting you purchase unnecessarily.

“But if you do have a carrier bag from duty-free or similar, it’ll give you some room for manoeuvre when you walk through the departure gate.

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Some flyers report they’ve been able to stuff the odd item which won’t fit in their hand luggage into it, or even a handbag – others say they’ve successfully boarded with a carrier bag they brought with them specially.”

Like most airlines, easyJet has specific hand luggage size restrictions that means the type of bag or holdall you take onboard really matters.

MoneySavingExpert says: “Holdalls can carry all you need, and are likely to fit into the overhead lockers even when they’re mostly full of hard–sided wheelie cases.

“Plus you’re more likely to be able to cram one into the bins all hand luggage must fit into if asked to prove it’s the right size.

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“It’s also possible that staff may let a holdall through even if it’s slightly bigger than the rules for cabin luggage allow.”

The website also explains that there is a clever trick in getting your luggage checked in for free which would usually cost upwards of around £50.

The website says: “If you’d prefer not to lug heavy luggage or want the convenience of putting your bags in the hold without paying the standard fee of up to £50, there’s a clever way to get hand luggage-sized bags checked in for free.

“Overhead lockers get full quickly on busy flights so staff often ask for volunteers to check in their hand luggage. So ask if it’s an option at the gate (or even check-in), and you may be able to stow your gear in the hold free of charge.

“If you do this, remember to pack a small bag within the luggage you hope to check in, so if you’re successful you can whip it out and use it to carry your actual hand luggage. And remember you won’t be able to pack lots of liquids, as you may have to take the bag through security as if it was hand luggage (or even take it onto the plane – this trick doesn’t always work).”

Sometimes when booking a flight, it may also give you the option for checked luggage for free but this tends to be rare and for customers who may be paying extra for their seats.

Normal prices tend to be cheaper online rather than booking at the airport check in though so it is important customers are wary of this if they know for sure that they cannot travel with a smaller suitcase.

There is also no weight limit for hand luggage so packing your heavy items into your cabin bag may save you extra charges for your checked luggage.

The website says: “Like other budget airlines, Easyjet is pretty strict with its hand luggage policy in terms of the size of your bag – its maximum allowed bag is no more than 56 x 45 x 25cm.

“But crucially there’s no weight limit. As long as you can carry and stow it, you’re good to go – far better than the likes of Jet2 and Wizz Air, which restrict hand luggage to 10kg.”

According to the money saving website, there is also a best time to book tickets in order to get the cheapest deal.

The experts say: “Easyjet’s prices are fluid and move based on demand for any particular flight. They’re usually priced cheaply when released, but this can change quickly depending on how many people are booking.

“So if you can pounce when they’re launched, you’re often getting the very cheapest deal.”

According to the website easyJet release their tickets in several tranches throughout the year and savvy customers always manage to find bargains.

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