Flight attendant says you should ‘replace your room key’ when staying in hotels

Flight attendants often stay over in hotels when travelling around the world – so when they share their tips, we listen.

Now, one member of cabin crew has revealed some of the safety tips they've picked up along the way, especially when staying somewhere new.

Tiktok user ( anjas.adventures ) shared a video on TikTok with hotel tips they learned from their various travels.

Their first tip, as reported by the Express, is to always check before you open your room. They explain: "Never open your door without looking through the spy hole, it could be anyone!”

Hotels do usually have good security in place, but it could still be possible in some properties for people to enter even if they aren't guests. Almost all hotel rooms have a spy hole in the door so you can check who is outside before you open the door.

Another tip is to "replace your room key with a spare card to keep on the air con and your things charging".

Nowadays most modern hotels require you to put your key card in a slot by the door to activate the likes of the lights and air con, to control the energy in the room.

It means when you leave your hotel room and take the key card with you, the air con switches off so you don't come back to a cool room when staying somewhere hot and sunny.

However, you can replace the room key with another card – and that might keep appliances on while you're out. It's worth asking for a second card when you check-in – if you use one of your own cards, there's a risk you may accidentally leave it behind!

Speaking of forgetting items, there's a handy trick to ensure you don't leave valuables in the room at check out.

The flight attendant suggests: "Put something in the safe you won’t be able to leave your room without so you won’t forget about the rest of your stuff in there."

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