Etihad update: Airline resumes flights from Heathrow to Australia despite quarantine rules

Etihad Airways has announced that they will begin a regular service from Melbourne to London Heathrow Airport via Abu Dhabi. The new flights will come into play from May 15, sparking hope for Britons trapped in Australia wishing to return home. From May 21, flights will be made available from Heathrow Airport to Melbourne via Abu Dhabi.


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The airline said in a statement that they will keep the connection between the two cities until they can resume them daily.

The first flight from Melbourne to Heathrow via Abu Dhabi will take place on Friday.

It will then arrive at Abu Dhabi on Saturday before flying to Heathrow and completing its journey on Saturday.

The first flight from London Heathrow will take place on May 21 and will arrive in Abu Dhabi that night.

The flight will then depart from Abu Dhabi in the early hours, arriving in Melbourne in the evening.

The flights will accommodate for business class and economy class.

Tickets can be found on Etihad’s website.

However, prices aren’t cheap with a single flight from Heathrow to Melbourne in economy class costing just under £1000.

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A business class ticket will cost over £5,000, according to Etihad’s website.

The airline is advising customers to check entry regulations for the UK and Australia before they buy tickets.

Currently, anyone flying into the UK from a country other than Ireland and France has to be put in 14-day quarantine.

They then have to supply contact information on where they will be staying so that they can be tracked.

The measures have been put in place “as soon as possible”, according to Government documents.

All travellers arriving in Australia by air or sea have to also quarantine for 14 days from their arrival.

There are very few exceptions to this rule.

After they have completed the mandatory quarantine, they can travel to other parts of the country.

Etihad has implemented sanitation and customer safety procedures to give their customers peace of mind.

The new procedures include catering, aircraft and cabin deep-cleaning, check-in, health screening, boarding, inflight, crew interaction, meal service, disembarkation and ground transportation, among others.

Temperature screening in in operation at Abu Dhabi airport with people being asked to wait 1.5 metres apart from others.

It is not clear whether those changing flights will be subject to temperature checks as well.

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