Ensemble Shifts Marketing Message to Recovery and Reinvention

Ensemble has announced that it is shifting its marketing strategies from a response effort to that of recovery. The consortia is to a focus recovery and reinvention mode with its new Mission: Restart, Recover Stronger campaign, which aims to inspire a shift in thinking and offers tactics, tools, and information to build new, authentic relationships with clients.

“This current crisis has tested all of us in different ways, but our one common thread is that, while we remain realistic, we are also optimistic about our recovery,” stated Carl Schmitt, Vice President of “After months of reacting to the effects of this unprecedented virus, we feel very strongly that now is the time to pivot our mindsets and begin our recovery efforts. We fully believe that being proactive today will lead us to a stronger tomorrow.”

The campaign promotes a variety of activities, including the following.

Restart Guide for Members—Inspiration for business recovery utilizing four important principles: pivot, adapt, leverage, and the importance of Marketing. The P.A.L.M. acronym is communicated as a mnemonic device and is centered around the strength and resilience of palm trees.

Supplier/Partner Marketing–Ensemble points out how suppliers are actively planning for advertising and marketing for late 2020 and well into 2021. In addition, Ensemble introduced new opportunities for suppliers to connect with members and to interact in a communal format to share health and safety updates as well as promote new offers.

Virtual events and connections–Ensemble is celebrating a return to travel by facilitating consumer events for suppliers and members to connect virtually and enhance the emotional connection between advisors and brands.

Restart Sessions–Throughout the pandemic, Ensemble has spotlighted one member on Friday afternoons as part of a video series that enables connections with clients.

New Content–Ensemble has developed a series of new messages, including direct communication, reminding clients that a travel advisor is their best advocate. The consortia is also developed communication on supplier changes to policies on everything from cancellations to future travel credits. Messages underscore how members have been there for their clients before during and after their travels. Ensemble has also added social media and digital elements to engage customers through video and social networking.

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