Don’t pronounce New York City dead just yet: Tourists are coming – and they like what they see

In June, an entire family could walk arm-in-arm through Times Square. In July, the Brooklyn Bridge was empty aside from passing bikers and joggers traveling between boroughs. In August, Bryant Park is quiet.

Thanks to the coronavirus and New York’s role as an early epicenter in the pandemic during the spring, the city’s hallmark tourist locations have lost the hustle and bustle for which the city is known. But earlier this summer as cases, hospitalizations and deaths trended downward, New York began to open back up earlier this summer. Tourists are even returning – albeit slowly.

But nearly six months after it all began, “open for business” is still a relative term. Over the summer, the city postponed the planned July reopening of indoor dining indefinitely  and Broadway extended its shutdown until 2021.

“It is going to be a long road ahead in terms of recovery,” Fred Dixon, president and CEO of NYC & Company, the leading tourism authority on New York City, told USA TODAY in July.

“None of our efforts are aimed at getting people from a long distance to travel to New York,” he said, noting that they are looking at creating a kind of “bubble” by encouraging visitors from neighboring areas including the rest of New York state, New Jersey, and Connecticut, which have the same quarantine rules.

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