Dinner for one: Swedish restaurant’s seating plan to combat covid-19

Sweden has been making headlines around the world for their reluctance to socially distance and surprising success at combating covid-19. After the long Scandinavian winter Swedes are determined to enjoy their restaurants and cafe culture, in spite of stringent health measures in place.

This ‘have-your-cake-and-eat-it’ strategy of fighting coronavirus is unique to urban Sweden, however in more rural areas distancing measures are being taken to the other extreme.

One Swedish restaurant in the town of Ransäter has created a spectacularly scenic ( and sanitary) seating plan. It’s dinner for one – and only one – at the “Bord för En”.

Run by couple Linda Karlsson and Rasmus Persson, they said they came up with the concept when they had a guest turn up without a reservation. “We refused to let them come inside,” the couple told Atlas Obscura, explaining Karlsson’s elderly parents were visiting at the time. They did not want her parents – both in their 70s – to come into contact with strangers, but they also couldn’t turn the guest away.

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