Cruise secrets: Ex crew member reveals disgusting passenger habit onboard ships

Cruise ship holidays offer passengers the opportunity to experience a life of luxury and explore different destinations from one place. The cruise ship experience is similar to a floating hotel that allows passenger the chance to visit different holiday spots around the world while being able to return to their cabins for a peaceful sleep. But sometimes cruise ships aren’t as relaxing as they seem with passengers sometimes exhibiting disgusting passenger habits.


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From what not to eat, to secret rules, crew members have revealed it all.

And now, one former cruise ship employee has revealed one disgusting habit that passengers sometimes do.

Social media and forum site, Reddit, saw a question posted by one user asked cruise ship workers about what happens on ships.

The question asked was, “what are things that happen aboard the ship that the guests don’t know about?”

One user responded claiming to have worked on a cruise ship for a few months in an engine room.

The user claimed to have sailed on other commercial ships as well.

The user revealed that passengers sometimes stick bizarre objects down the toilet including “pool noodles” which are floats used in swimming pools.

They said: “You would be amazed at what people will flush down the toilet.

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“Pool noodles, t-shirts, shoes…

“Pretty much anything that people don’t want to pack with them when they leave.

“Cruise ships primarily use vacuum flush systems.

“These are very efficient but very sensitive.

“A tampon or condom can take out the toilets for everyone above and below your room.

“Then somebody from the engine department has to start breaking open black water pipes or ripping open pumps.

“Toilet paper only in the toilets.”

However, the user also revealed that sometimes cruise ship water is cleaner than the water at home.

They added: “When the ship pulls in to port they usually hook up a water hose to fill up on potable water from the municipal supply.

“Once the ship is underway (and away from the nasty port waters) they then take water from the sea and distill it to keep the capacity up until they reach the next port.

“It’s probably a lot cleaner than the water you have at home.”

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