Cruise Planners Launches Where2Next Virtual Travel Series

Cruise Planners launched its virtual travel series, Where2Next, on August 12 and will continue to showcase a new travel destination each month.

This month’s showcase was the Galapagos, and it featured information about the incredible animals native to the island and why it appeals to travelers, as well as information about a Galapagos cruise on a Celebrity Cruises ship.

“Our virtual travel series is a way to introduce destinations to our advisors’ clients,” said Michelle Fee, Founder and CEO of Cruise Planners.

“We can provide this program to our advisors which is not only free to them but completely hands-free as well. Our marketing and technology automation does all the work including sending the invitations, reminders, scheduling the travel suppliers, negotiating the special offers and even the follow up after the event with everything sent from the advisor to their client to maintain that one-on-one relationship.”

The Where2Next Travel Series’ next destinations will be revealed later this month, along with the travel partners that make each episode possible. All participants have the chance to win giveaways and to receive special offers.

Cruise Planners recently partnered with Apple Leisure Group to host a two-part health and wellness series focused on setting its travel advisor partners up for success as the travel industry reemerges from COVID-19.

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