Covid tracing leads Italian police to clumsy tourist vandal

Police in Treviso, northern Italy were given a break in their hunt for a clumsy vandal, after a tourist was caught on CCTV snapping the toes off a historic statue.

The tourist, who was revealed to be 50-year-old visitor from Austria, was posing for a photo next to the recumbent Italian artwork in the Gypsotheca Antonio Canova museum in Possagno.

The poor Venus was not able to sustain the weight of the visitor, and he broke off her toes. The statue in question was a plaster cast of Napoleon’s younger sister, Paolina Bonaparte by sculptor Antonio Canova. Made to appear like marble, the 200-year-old plaster was more fragile than it looked.

The embarrassing incident happened on July 31, but police told CNN that they soon tracked down the party of Austrian tourists with which the vandal had visited the museum.

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