Cleaner spills secrets hotels ‘don’t want you knowing’ – including towel trick

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A professional cleaner, who has been blitzing rooms for 33 years, has opened up about the secrets of the trade.

*Anna Garfield, 54, said she's pretty much seen it all after running her own company for all these years.

And she's revealed what cleaners really think about your mess and what they'd never usually tell you.

She started by revealing just how filthy hotel rooms are as she shared a dirty towel trick that is always used.

Talking to Fabulous, she said: "Cleaning hotel rooms was a real eye-opener for me and every time I stay in one now I always bring my own wipes to clean the room.

"I do this because the majority of rooms are cleaned using the towels of the last guest.

"The dirty towels clean everything from the bathroom right down to the drinking glasses, so if I were you I’d bring your own in the future."

Anna also said that although bed sheets are washed, any fancy throws or bedspreads go straight back on the bed after the previous guest has used them.

She recommended just removing the bedspread every time you go to a hotel.

Anna also said that during her years of cleaning, she has found that women are often far filthier than men.

She explains: "Because they tend to be so house proud, when they go away they have the attitude of ‘well someone else will clear up after me’.

"And the mess they left me to clear up was just disgusting, there was always menstrual blood everywhere and occasionally I’d even come across a used tampon that hadn’t been binned."

Talking about cleaners themselves, Anna admits they often break things – and then sneakily fix them.

She says she is very clumsy, being six feet tall, and broke a lot of ornaments during her time as a domestic cleaner.

Anna admits that she used to take anything she had broken home and then her husband would glue them back together for her.

She finally revealed that cleaners are a lot richer than you'd think they are.

Anna says she often finds people 'looking down their nose' at her because she's carrying a mop and bucket.

However, she says they'd be surprised about how well off she actually is.

She also says she went to a private school and describes herself as 'middle class' and living in a four-bedroom detached house.

"I don’t do my job because I have to, I do it because I want to and it is very good money, I earn the same as I did working in civil service and I am much happier for it," she says.

*Name has been changed

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