Chalet Girl says ‘worst’ guests can be ‘blacklisted’ from ski resorts

Sometimes we all wish we could up sticks and run away to work outside somewhere beautiful.

That’s exactly what long-time chalet girl, Hannah Tooke, did when she decided to “run away to the mountains” to work the ski season.

Chalet girls are workers who take care of guests while they stay in expensive rental homes on ski resorts.

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In Europe there are hundreds of places to work as a chalet girl from France to Italy.

Hannah Tooke has been a chalet girl and now chef for eight winter seasons in Val d’Isere and she’s also worked in Japanese and Australian resorts too – she shares her exploits on Instagram, @foodby_hannah.

The job involves cooking and cleaning for guests as well as helping them find the best party or the coolest slopes – and doing well gets you some mega tips.

However, Hannah explained that some guests are so badly behaved around their chalet girls that they no longer get to stay on the resort.

She told Daily Star: “The worst group I had though was on my very first season when I was just 18.

“There was a group of very sleezy guys staying in the chalet where I assisted and during dinner on the first night one of them slapped me on the bum!”

She continued: “My boss dealt with the situation well though, and I didn’t have to work in that chalet for the rest of the week, and they were black listed from every staying with that company again.

“The next company I worked for never accepted bookings from all male groups to combat things like this from happening.”

Luckily, the negative experiences are few and far between for ski season workers.

Hannah has her favourite guests banked in her memory too.

She explained: “One of my favourite groups to stay in my chalet was two families with teenage children.

“One of the dad’s used to be a DJ and had a residency in Ibiza for years, so he always had amazing tunes on in the chalet and good vibes.

“They loved to have the best of everything, but were so down to earth and relaxed.”

Hannah added: “They honestly just enjoyed life so much, always smiling, laughing and cracking gags.

“They really appreciated the finer things in life, such as wine, cocktail bars, but didn’t take any of it for granted.

“They stayed with me several years in a row and became just like friends.”


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