Caravan couple recommend ‘star of the show’ camping must-have to ‘stay warm at night’

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Travel experts Emma and Alex run the travel platform Travel Beans. On it, they document their travels, including their recent caravan staycations.

During the pandemic, the couple – who document their travels on their Instagram @travelbeans, renovated a van, giving them the freedom to travel around the UK and Europe and enjoy nature.

The couple recently tackled the North Coast 500, where they found a caravan and camping spot, which is “one of the best places in the world” to watch dolphins. 

They discussed travelling in the Autumn months and combatting the weather issues that come with it.

Emma told “Autumn is my favourite time to travel, just because the changes in the colours are so beautiful. You can really enjoy it.

“But we recently travelled to Scotland and it was actually quite mild.

She detailed how the pair relied on a heater to dry off their clothes.

“We have a heater in the campervan, and we just used it occasionally, mostly just to dry everything out,” she went on.

“It’s good for that, getting back to the campervan with wet coats.

“It wasn’t actually cold really though, as long as you can deal with a bit of rain. It’s not a bad time to travel.”

Alex said: “I’d say our number one tip would be to get a diesel heater for your caravan.

“It was kind of the star of the show for us in camping terms because of staying warm at night.”

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The couple’s high tech heater could be controlled via a smartphone.

Alex said: “You can even set alarms for it, or you can even text it.

“If you’re on a hike when you come back it’s nice and toasty.”

There are different types of heaters running on different fuels.

Diesel heaters are safe and relatively energy efficient.

They work by heating air with a heat coil in a combustion chamber.

Cool air comes in, is heated by the coil, and then is blown out into the caravan, making it nice and toasty.

A top of the range heater like the Webasto Air Top 2000 STC, which comes with a muffler, will cost around £600.

However, they are currently selling for around £1,400 on eBay.

Budget-friendly heaters include the likes of the 8KW 12V Car Air Diesel Parking Heater Kit, currently £119.99 on eBay.

Alex and Emma detailed a UK road trip location. They advised Britons will be “blown away it’s in this country”. 

The couple were enamoured with the Snow Roads, a 90-mile scenic route.

It spans from Blairgowrie to Grantown-on-Spey, through hills and vast open spaces.

He said of the drive: “I just can’t imagine another drive anywhere in the world that is so, so beautiful. And it was just like, ‘nothing here is unattractive.'”

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