British expat in Spain says British tourists holidaying in Benidorm can be ‘entitled’

Hotel Benidorm: Staff say some Brits visit five times a year

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Although it’s currently the quiet season, some Britons are excited to head off to Benidorm for a holiday this January. On the Benidorm expat forum, one tourist asked whether bars and restaurants were trading as normal.

An expat replied: “There are no restrictions so shops etc. are trading as normal.

“Bars and restaurants are also allowed to open as normal. By normal I mean we still have mask wearing restrictions and have to show a Covid certificate to enter a bar.

“Regulations are due for review at the end of January.”

Currently tourists and residents will need to show a Covid certificate to enter hospitality venues and British tourists will need to be fully vaccinated to travel to Spain.

Face masks are mandatory both indoors and outside across Spain to slow the spread of the virus.

The expat continued: “January is typically the quietest month of the year, so many bars close for a while to renovate or recharge batteries.

“It’s quite cold [in] an evening, so many people take advantage of the entertainment in their hotel.

“However, there are still many bars open. So although it’s fairly quiet at the moment, that’s normal and things start picking up in February.

“What happens in February is anyone’s guess and depends on any travel restrictions in force at the time, but you’ll find more than enough to occupy your time.”

However another expat said: “Having to wear a facemask and show your papers to get a drink or a bite to eat is a very long way from ‘normal’, isn’t it?”

While a couple agreed, one expat ‘elinspain’ said: “It’s normal to us who live here, we have worn masks continuously since 2020.

“It becomes second nature, money, keys, phone, mask as you leave home. Not difficult.

“Covid passports will become the same if it continues. I consider both to be a small price to pay.”

Another expat said: “I often wonder what the issue is amongst UK tourists in having to wear masks and carry vaccine passports?

“It’s quite obvious that we here in Spain had a much tighter controlled lock down.

“There was no going out for exercise even for children and only ‘essential’ grocery shopping at your nearest supermarket.”

One expat said: “A lot of Brits think they are entitled to a lot of things that they are not, especially in Spain.”

Another joked: “Couldn’t agree more and that includes the weather.”

British tourists visiting Spain this winter will need to check the local restrictions in place as rules can vary across regions.

They will need to take a lateral flow test on or before day two after arrival in the UK from a Government approved provider.

British tourists should check the Government website for the latest restrictions as rules can change rapidly.

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