British Airways worker details ‘tension in the air’ and shifts during pandemic

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Things won't be the same for a while – thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

The devastating outbreak has changed every aspect of life, including the travel industry.

One British Airways flight attendant has opened up about the impact the outbreak has had on her job.

She claimed there's "tension in the air" and a different atmosphere due to most passengers flying for "compassionate reasons".

The cabin crew member, known only as Alex, spoke about the changes to flying since the outbreak.

Before she would wake-up "excited" ahead of her shift, now Alex dreads it because people are constantly "tense".

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She told The Points Guys : "I know that the ones that are travelling are doing so for compassionate reasons because someone has either died or is dying.

"I have to put an invisible shield up and listen to what people are going through – as crew, we always do that anyway.

"But the difference today is that it's not just one or two passengers who are travelling for compassionate reasons – it's most of them."

Alex added that the terminal is also "completely empty" and how travelling is different now.

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Onboard the shuttle bus from the car park to the terminal, the BA worker says "there's an eerie silence and the occasional acknowledgement by way of a raised eyebrow".

And crew members don't even greet each other anymore with hugs or kisses as everyone just "stays quiet" now.

According to Alex, the "life and soul of the place" has disappeared and the limited number of staff are "sat alone reading trying to stay away from each other".

She also recalled how she can "feel the tension" in the air because some passengers wear full hazmat suits, with many fearing they're not protected enough.

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During the flight, passengers are told to remain in their chairs and can only take off their seatbelt if they need to use the toilet.

She said the biggest different now with long haul flights is that BA customers are no longer served alcohol.

Instead meals are now like a "child's packed lunch" with passengers handed a bottle of water, sandwich and snack.

And Alex says as everyone needs to maintain social distancing, it leads to "nobody wanting to talk anymore".

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