Brave tourists STRIP off for naked scuba diving sessions – would you try it?

Numerous naked travel trends have taken off in 2018.

Earlier this year, we revealed that tourists are enjoying stripping off by waterfalls.

And this month, daring holidaymakers decided to hike in the buff.

But these aren’t the only instances where people are ditching their clothes abroad.

In the latest travel craze, scuba divers have waved goodbye to their wetsuits.

This quirky ritual is encouraged for those who are taking their 100th trip under the sea.

In a recent post for Get Naked Australia, a tourist revealed what this is really like.

After taking a dip in the Great Barrier Reef, the adventurous woman wrote about how liberating it felt.

The Instagrammer said: “It’s a tradition to do your 100th scuba dive naked.

“I was fortunate enough to be on the Great Barrier Reef in the height of stinger season when I reached my 100th dive!

“Two of my friends had surpassed their 100th dive but never got a chance to do their nude dive, so they were brave enough to join me for my 100th Dive.

“Most liberating experience! All 3 of us made it out without any jellyfish stings!”

A quick scan of Instagram shows that the ladies aren’t the only ones to enjoy a spot of naked diving.

Another image shows a bare bloke swimming in Koh Tao, off the coast of Thailand.

He captioned the picture: “Turns out naked diving is awesome.

“I wish I could naked dive every day.”

Another popular hotspot seems to be Dauin Beach, which is located in Philippines.

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