Air bridge: What is an air bridge?

UK tourists could eventually be able to visit Greece and Portugal, as both countries have allowed potential access to the country for British families – without quarantining. They also have low cases of coronavirus, meaning there is a much lower risk for Brits wanting to go to the tourist hotspots. 

What is an air bridge?

Air bridges are also referred to as ‘travel corridors’, and would enable tourists between two countries to visit without the need to quarantine. 

Transport Minister Grant Shapps said: “The final details of the quarantine scheme will be released soon, coming in early next month.

“It is the case that we would indeed consider further improvements for example, things like air bridges, enabling people from other areas and countries who have themselves achieved lower levels of growth virus infection, to come into the country.”

At the moment, countries in Europe have implemented a 14-day quarantine period for arriving travellers, something which Britain is looking to enforce in June. 

However, agreements between countries, particularly those with low cases of coronavirus, could agree to waive the two-week period to allow tourists to travel without restrictions. 


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Which countries are thinking about introducing air bridges?

Air bridges have been discussed between the UK, Portugal and Greece, as the countries have had a low infection rate of coronavirus. 

Air bridges between the US and UK could also be introduced at some point. 

Visit Britain chief executive Patricia Yates told the Digital Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee that America is “ready” for the move. 

Ms Yates said: “Our American regional director is telling us sort of America is ready to go, American business is ready to go. 


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“So, possibly, an air bridge between the UK and America might be one that would be valuable to us.”

However, with the Us having the highest death toll in the world for  coronavirus, this is unlikely to be implemented any time soon.

Other countries are offering similar travel bridges within European states. 

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are all allowing free travel within their respective countries, while Australia and New Zealand are also considering similar conditions. 

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