A Bataclan survivor’s wheelchair journey across New Zealand

On November 13, 2015, Pierre Cabon was injured in the Bataclan attacks in Paris. The bullet hit his spine, and he lost the use of his legs. Five years later, he and his partner Myriam are taking on the Tongariro Crossing – and the world

March 2020. We are at the foot of Tongariro. Before our eyes, the first section of the Alpine Crossing winds between rocks and wild grasses. There are 19km ahead of us that we dream of conquering. We take a last glance, then we set off: we’ll go as far as we can. We can’t contain this need to try, this urge to take up this great challenge.

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November 2015. In Pierre’s hospital room. The doctors are clear: he won’t walk again. The bullet he received during the first few minutes of the terrorist attacks at the Bataclan, Paris, punctured his lung, hit his spine and damaged his spinal cord. He knew straight away that he wouldn’t walk again and now the doctor confirms: paraplegic. From now on, we’ll have to learn to live differently.

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