'United Clean Plus' Amenity Kit to Include Face Mask, Hand Wipes

United Airlines is providing passengers with face masks and sanitizing hand wipes as part of its new “United Clean Plus” amenity kit, CEO Oscar Munoz announced this week.

“Starting today, we are providing a little amenity kit,” United CEO Oscar Munoz said on Bloomberg Television’s Leadership Live on Monday via Time. “It will be a little amenity kit that has a snack, water and some hand wipes for you as you enter the aircraft, along with a mask if you need it.”

United is one of many airlines that recently began requiring passengers to wear face coverings due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has rocked the airline industry over the past two months.

United reported a $1.7 billion loss for the first quarter of 2020—it’s worst since 2008—and the airline’s management recently informed employees that it will only have enough work during the month of June for 3,000 flight attendants out of the total of 25,000 that the company employs.

This week, United will see a leadership transition as part of a succession plan announced late last year.

Munoz will transition to Executive Chair and current President Scott Kirby will become United CEO following the Annual Meeting of Shareholders on Wednesday. Meanwhile, Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, Brett J. Hart will take over the role as President.

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