Feast on art and culture with quirky twists in Lithuania’s capital

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Here are some of the top events and exhibitions. 

Learning Garden of Freedom to December 4

Multimedia artist, musician and peace activist Yoko Ono returns to Kaunas with ‘Learning Garden of Freedom’, her retrospective exhibition. Following up from her first exhibition Ex It, which opened in Kaunas in January, Learning Garden of Freedom will allow visitors to explore more of her creations and find undiscovered traces of her life’s mysterious works.

The new extensive exhibition is based on a collaboration between the artist’s Studio One in New York and the Kaunas Picture Gallery. 

Landscape Design festival MAGENTA to September 25

Having started in 2019, MAGENTA is a unique festival in Lithuania that aims at rediscovering, recognising and understanding landscape design, attracting public attention to improving public spaces, as well as strengthening the relationship between architecture and the natural environment.

Audiences will be able to view installations, objects, and other works of art created for an urban context by international teams of artists, architects, and landscape designers.

Exploring Lithuanian identity with the World Litvak Culture Forum to September 30

The World Litvak Culture Forum is one of the key events in the Kaunas 2022 programme. Litvaks from across the world are invited to return to the capital to discuss just what it means to be Lithuanian, as well as exploring how art, culture and its history have shaped the place it is today – and importantly, what the future will hold.

Ostrale Biennale, artist in residence programme to November 13

Having brought their travelling exhibitions to many places throughout Europe since 2016, the Dresden Ostrale Biennale for Contemporary Art team has come to Kaunas. Their work seeks to answer big questions such as “Is being human not enough, and already too much?” while Lithuanian artist Gabrielė Gervickaitė will showcase her work in a special sea container in Zapyškis, together with three other residents of the project. 

Exhibition: A Window into Jewish Life in Kaunas before the Holocaust, from September 25 to December 15

The Kaunas team presents authentic artefacts and history with a new exhibition “Windows to Jewish life in Kaunas” based on several Judaica (literary or historical materials relating to Jews and Judaism) assembled by Michailas Duškesass. Explore the thriving life of the Kaunas Jewish community through the exhibition and catalogue displaying various documents, photographs, medals and letters from the past. 

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Surviving the Holocaust, a familial exhibition “Out of Darkness” by Jenny Kagan to October 30

A generational trauma featuring two countries in peril, ‘Out of Darkness’ was initially created for a British audience and has now been moved to the city where the story unfolded, Kaunas. Jenny Kagan uses photographs, music and visual projections to share the love and tragedy of her parents’ time during the Holocaust. Viewers are invited to explore their own emotions and experiences using her own family’s story as a catalyst. 

William Kentridge’s ‘That Which We Do Not Remember’ to November 30

Kaunas has been hosting an eight-month exclusive William Kentridge exhibition for the first time in Eastern Europe. If you are a history fan and and are seeking a place to ponder on the existence of humanity, then Kentridge’s exhibition is a must. Selected by the artist himself, this exhibition illustrates the evolution of his 30-year career, as well as a number of mixed paintings that prompt us to have a conversation with our inner selves.

For more information: https://kaunas2022.eu/en/programme/

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