Views in Los Cabos Go Beyond the Shore

Travelers in search of a place with endless amounts of activities and adventures won’t be disappointed with a trip to Los Cabos. Located on the southernmost tip of the Baja California Peninsula, this destination draws in visitors with all types of interests.

From vibrant nights out on the town that easily turn into mornings to sunny days spent hiking on the trails or shopping at the local markets, there is something new for tourists to take part in every day. To top it off, there are majestic views in every direction—mountains, pools, the desert and, of course, the ocean.

Beach views are by far a crowd favorite, but the views in Los Cabos go beyond the shore, especially near the Sea of Cortez. Dubbed “the world’s aquarium,” the Sea of Cortez is a protected UNESCO World Heritage site that puts Los Cabos on the bucket lists of divers, naturalists and offshore enthusiasts worldwide.

Home to more than 900 species of fish, thousands of types of invertebrates and a variety of rare marine mammals and sea turtles, this place is a paradise for those who enjoy underwater exploration.

The Sea of Cortez is filled with an abundance of life, including the endangered vaquita, the world’s smallest porpoise. The Mexican government’s efforts to protect the vaquita and other endangered species have led to the creation of numerous marine reserves and national parks.

One of these parks, located on the peninsula’s east coast, is Cabo Pulmo National Park. Cabo Pulmo is not only the oldest but the only living coral reef on North America’s west coast.

This place often draws in kayakers, divers and snorkelers, as visitors usually are able to encounter reef fish, whale sharks, dolphins, humpbacks, sea turtles and big-game fish such as marlin.

Cabo San Lucas is actually considered the “Marlin Capital of the World,” as the destination is home to several striped, black and Pacific blue marlin. Each October, Brisbee’s prestigious Offshore Tournament draws in fishermen from around the world.

This tournament has top prizes exceeding $3 million and, to stay in line with the destination’s sustainability efforts, a catch-and-release protocol.

Adventure travelers looking for underwater activities will be more than satisfied with the abundance and diversity of marine life Los Cabos is home to. Those wanting to stay above water can settle for whale watching or relaxing on one of the many Blue Flag beaches in this area.

With more than 350 days of sun, visitors can enjoy these water activities at any time throughout the year. Whether they are in search of snorkeling, scuba diving, whale watching, fishing, kayaking or surfing, Los Cabos is the place to explore, as this destination continues to prove the best can get better.


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