Movies That Will Make You Want to Visit Chile

Although hopping on a plane to Chile is not currently feasible, there is no harm in dreaming about Chile or traveling to the destination from your smartphone.

Chile Tourism has created several ways for travelers to still learn about and virtually visit this one-of-a-kind destination while staying safely at home. People can now get even more inspired with a movie marathon, as Chile is sharing 10 movies that will make people want to visit the destination.

Better yet, these movies can all be watched for free at, a platform created by the Chilean Ministry of Culture, Art and Heritage. Here is Chile’s lineup of 10 films to put on your “watch” list:

1. Neruda (2016): This movie by director Pablo Larraín tells the fictional-historical story of a policeman who obsessively pursues the Chilean Nobel Prize winner, Pablo Neruda, who goes fugitive in his own country after the president has ordered his arrest.

The film is truly a look at the lesser-known side of Neruda, and a trip through the different landscapes of Chile, including the charming lookout points over Valparaiso and the snowy thousand-year-old forests of La Araucania.

2. A Fantastic Woman (2017): The work of director Sebastián Lelio, this film won an Oscar for “Best Foreign Language Film.” It tells the story of Marina, a young transsexual woman who, after witnessing the sudden death of her boyfriend Orlando, is forced to grieve while facing the prejudices of his family and society.

The movie is mostly set in Santiago, showing places that are representative of the local urban culture and tourism icons. If you are planning to visit the Chilean capital city, we recommend following in Marina’s footsteps, visiting the bar of a Santiago hotel and the hidden restaurants in downtown Santiago along with watch the sunset from the bridges in Providencia over the Mapocho River.

3. Princess (2017): This movie by Marialy Rivas tells the story of a 12-year-old girl, Tamara, who lives in a religious cult and has been selected by Miguel, its leader, to procreate his heir.

The film was shot in and around the city of Puerto Varas, showing off the generous landscapes of the abundant native flora and fauna and the beautiful backdrop of the magnificent Lake Llanquihue.

4. And Suddenly the Dawn (2017): A movie by the acclaimed director Silvio Caiozzi, it tells us about a frustrated older writer’s return to his birthplace in the Chilean Patagonia, after being away for 40 years. Upon his return, he is forced to face his past and, for the first time, create a novel in which he, his loved ones and his friends will be the leading characters.

A truly pleasant trip to the bottom of the world through this entertaining history! And the best part? The mysterious green landscapes of the Chilean Patagonia!

5. Crystal Fairy and the Magical Cactus (2013): Everyone loves the Atacama Desert! And director Sebastián Silva makes that clear. The movie tells us about a young American who visits Chile for the purpose of trying a hallucinogenic cactus called San Pedro, that can be found in the north of the country. During his adventure, he meets Crystal, a young woman from San Francisco who will join him.

This film shows the immensity of the Atacama Desert, its magic and its breathtaking landscapes.

6. Violeta Went to Heaven (2011): A dramatic film by director Andrés Wood, which offers us a carefully elaborated portrait of the famous Chilean artist and folk singer, Violeta Parra, taking us from her childhood to the day of her death, and covering every facet of her music, her memories, lovers and artwork.

Based on the book by Angel Parra, the movie takes a tour through the Chilean countryside, its customs and traditions, and offers an unforgettable stroll through bohemian Santiago. A must-see for those who love good photography and the work of this great Chilean artist.

7. Lost North (2017): By director Fernando Lavanderos, this road movie tells the story of Esteban, a young romantic who travels the road to the north of Chile following in the footsteps of his beloved Isabel. Along the way, he stops in different villages and meets different people, leading him to detour a bit from his initial objective.

This film is an entertaining tour through the north of Chile, where you can observe its amazing desert and oasis landscapes, while also learning about the daily lives of its inhabitants.

8. Ema (2019): This movie by Pablo Larraín tells the story of a couple, Ema and Gaston, both dancers, who decide to return their adopted son, after recognizing that they are in over their heads. Ema, who is unhappy and regretting their decision, comes up with a plan to get him back.

The plot takes place in Valparaiso, the cultural capital of Chile, using its colorful hills, traditional public funiculars and attractive bohemian nightlife as the main backdrop, confirming just how fascinating and vibrant this city is.

9. Cielo (2017): This film by director Alison McAlpine, is a documentary that shares the perspectives of planet hunters who come to the astronomy observatories in the Atacama Desert and narrates part of the life of the desert dwellers and workers. Always in connection to star and planet observation, the film invites us to ponder the infinite and unknown.

The movie has an incredible cinematography that shows the clearness of the Chilean skies, a true window to the universe. A must-see for astrotourism lovers.

10. Bailes Chinos (2012): Created by Rafael Contreras Mühlenbrock and Daniel González Hernández, this is a touching documentary on the religious festivities held in different parts of the north of Chile around the image of the virgin.

In just 10 minutes, you can observe this important tradition that fills the local desert landscapes with color, joy and music.

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