AMAALA: Awakening the world's imagination

AMAALA will pioneer new ways to shape uniquely memorable experiences, carving its own space within the global portfolio of ultra-luxury destinations

AMAALA is a unique expression of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, which boldly captures the aspirations of its people while unlocking new and significant opportunities to craft a better world tomorrow.

AMAALA, located along Saudi Arabia’s north western coast, is an ultra-luxury destination that will create transformative personal journeys inspired by arts, wellness, and the purity of the Red Sea.

Designed to evolve and elevate the best in travel, AMAALA has been born of Saudi Arabia’s own transformation in travel and tourism, hospitality, real estate, and sustainability.

Today’s most discerning global citizens are driven to discover personal experiences unlike any other – immersive and authentic, and realized through a journey of self-discovery. AMAALA will tap into this and bring to life the desires and ambitions of a community obsessed with shaping and living transformative moments that aim to safeguard the planet’s natural resources.

Set amidst the breath-taking beauty of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Natural Reserve, AMAALA’s unique heritage and unspoiled landscape spans over 4,155 square kilometres of unique terrain. The destination will pioneer new ways to shape uniquely memorable experiences, carving its own space within the global portfolio of ultra-luxury destinations.

Conceived as a natural extension of its environment, AMAALA will be brought to life by three of the world’s most recognised names in architecture and design ahead of the realisation of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.  Foster + Partners, Denniston International Architects and Planners, and HKS Architects will be responsible for bringing to life innovative and sustainable design solutions across AMAALA’s hospitality, residential, and retail offerings.

When complete, AMAALA will be a one-of-a-kind destination, serviced by its own airport, state-of-the-art housing, sporting, yachting, and diving facilities. From the moment they touch-down, travellers will be immersed in the world’s finest wellness, art, culture, sports and fitness offerings, featuring stunning scenery, mountainous landscapes, golden sands, crystal waters, and untouched coral reefs.

The Communities

This spectacular destination will encompass a trio of communities, each representing a different set of experiences and environments. Each community will be representative of a bespoke journey of personal fulfilment, delivering an experience that will exceed expectations while providing the natural virtues of year-round sun and sea.

Triple Bay: Triple Bay will be the first fully integrated sports and entertainment community in the world. Home to a fully holistic wellness retreat, Triple Bay will offer authentic treatments, reflective of the healing traditions practised in the region for hundreds of years, as well as state-of-the-art diagnostic medical facilities in a family friendly environment.

With underwater experiences that will immerse guests directly into the natural domain of dolphins, turtles, and healthy coral reefs, Triple Bay is also set to be one of the world’s finest diving  destinations for the whole family, with a wealth of rich marine life to explore.

The Coastal Development: Set to emerge as the definitive hub for contemporary art in the Middle East, the Coastal Development features an arts museum and amphitheatre, both of which will play host to a dynamic programme of events drawn from global, regional, and local arts and cultural calendars. The dedicated cultural district will focus on showcasing the region’s diverse cultural heritage and ancient crafts.

A gathering place for a community of influencers and connoisseurs, the Coastal Development is built on philanthropic principles with strong links to the Saudi community. This stretch of coastline will also offer premium spa facilities, yoga and meditation retreats, and an equestrian centre equipped to offer rehabilitation alongside world-class stabling and tournament-grade polo facilities.

The Island: The Island will be the tranquil home of an exclusive art community, boasting Arabian-style botanical gardens studded with striking sculptures, offering guests the perfect setting in which to ruminate, reflect and relax.

Home to a contemporary art museum and academy, at the heart of this unique community is a Riviera-lifestyle artists’ colony. This active community anchored by an artists’ village will feature working studios, artisan shops, plus exhibition and performance facilities hosting a year-round calendar of immersive and transformative works as well as a range of co-creation opportunities.


Aligned to international best practices, AMAALA will demonstrate global leadership in sustainable tourism. Whether visiting Triple Bay, the Coastal Development or The Island, the ethos of sustainability will be found at the core of every facet of AMAALA.

The project is nested in Saudi’s Vision 2030 plan and through the cultivation of a vibrant society, sustainable economy and protected natural environment; AMAALA will become a leader in sustainable design and operations, aiming to be net carbon neutral from the first day of operation.

Upon completion, AMAALA will be home to one of the largest solar energy farms in the GCC. In addition, robust waste management and recycling processes will underpin AMAALA’s operations, including the sole use of biodegradable plastics within the resort. The destination will also feature a dedicated sustainable desalinisation plant that will have zero impact on the healthy coral reefs, while all wastewater will be treated and reused in agriculture.

The destination will also be home to an organic farm, harnessing sustainable farming techniques, to supply ample local produce for guests and employees. These developments feed into the longer-term goal of developing a secondary sustainable farming industry to promote self-sufficiency for local communities.

Marine Conservation

With an operational zero-carbon footprint as its goal, the preservation and conservation of the unspoilt marine and coastal ecosystem sit at the heart of AMAALA.

One of a few unexplored bodies of water in the world, the Red Sea is home to one of the world’s last thriving marine habitats. Through strategic partnerships with key institutions, AMAALA has identified four key areas of joint exploration: coral reef management, iconic species protection, Marine Protected Areas (MPA) enforcement, and fighting plastic pollution.

Through the Marine Life Institute local and international marine life conservation will be integrated with research and education, developing oceanographic and marine life research and conservation initiatives, which can then be applied to Saudi Arabia’s waters, and the world’s seas.

Investment and Development

The project will also act as a key driver of Vision 2030s objectives, cultivating investment opportunities, supporting economic growth with a focus on the development of new economies, driving employment in new economic sectors such as wellness, healthy living and sports, art and culture, and sea, sun, and lifestyle.

With AMAALA anticipated to deliver several longstanding economic benefits to the Kingdom, including a contribution of 0.64% to GDP by 2030, the development offers hope for a new era of ethically grounded strategic investments with the potential for robust returns. Through the development of communities built to the highest international standards, the destination is creating an active pipeline of projects for the real estate and construction industries.

AMAALA’s investment packages span financial investments and partnerships through to numerous development opportunities for hospitality, retail, residential, leisure, art and culture and education facilities.

Featuring over 2,500 hotel keys and 800 residential villas, AMAALA opens numerous opportunities for the tourism and as well as the real estate sectors. From apartments to estate homes to high end retail establishments, we will partner with private sector companies, world-class operators and market investors specialised in hospitality to provide a bespoke experience for guests.

AMAALA is a unique expression of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, which boldly captures the aspirations of its people while unlocking new and significant opportunities to craft a better world tomorrow. AMAALA will not only respect and safeguard local cultures and ecosystems, it aims to transform lives and livelihoods with the creation of an estimated 20,000 new jobs, rising to 50,000 once fully established.

Chief Executive Officer at AMAALA, Nicholas Naples said: “The tourism sector is one of the most promising parts of the Kingdom’s diversification efforts and AMAALA is part of the drive towards its advancement. ​More than just a destination, AMAALA is an aspiration, and we want every interaction with AMAALA to be a moment of transformation.

“The AMAALA experience will foster a community of connoisseurs, pioneers and thought leaders, all connected by a shared commitment to the practice, appreciation, and advancement of arts and culture, wellness, and environmental preservation.”

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