‘Really unpleasant’ The surprising thing that happens to some cruise guests – not seasick

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Cruise experts always recommend that passengers carry seasickness medicine. Even if a guest has never suffered before, a rough day at sea could make them unwell.

However, it can be hard to treat another issue that some cruise guests suffer from onboard.

One Reddit user said: “I have been on two or three cruises in my life and my third one was when I realised how claustrophobic I felt being stuck on a ship even if it were for a day.

“I don’t get seasick though and I love the free food.”

Another cruise passenger thought that it could depend on which room a guest booked on the boat.

They said: “The first time we cruised we had an interior room and I stressed about feeling claustrophobic until we got there.”

Another said: “I booked an interior room once and got claustrophobic, especially at night when trying to sleep.

“I booked a balcony from then on but even that took a few cruises to completely overcome the ordeal from the interior room.”

One guest said: “The harsh super bright lighting some ships have for their inside rooms is really unpleasant.”

However, a few cruise guests really couldn’t see how anyone could feel claustrophobic on the boat.

One said: “It’s a hotel with a shopping mall on it. I don’t see how someone could feel anymore confined there than they would in a restaurant or hotel room.”

Another even said they would “take all sea days if they could”.

One agreed saying: “Seeing the sunshine and being able to get up and outside I’ve never felt confined.”

Cruise guests that worry about feeling claustrophobic should try to book a cruise that has a busy itinerary.

This will give them plenty of opportunities to disembark and stretch their legs away from the boat.

While they didn’t feel claustrophobic, one cruise tourist said they did end up feeling trapped on the ship.

They said: “There is really nothing to do but eat and it’s not that tasty. Can you remember one food that was actually worth it?

“I gained almost six pounds on the last seven day cruise and I’m only 5,2. Still trying to get it off.”

Another agreed saying: “Eating is the reason I won’t go on another cruise. Always gain weight.

“Last time I gained 15 pounds and it took a year to lose.”

Others felt that the food onboard was always worth the extra weight passengers might gain.

One said: “The hamburgers! All you can eat. The pizza was great. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were good. Had my first tiramisu on a cruise.”

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