President Trump Supports Help for Hotels

At a Sunday press briefing, President Donald Trump was supportive of helping the hotel industry when asked if there would be government help for the industry.

Trump mentioned his property in Doral, Florida, and said that hotel closures were “a big problem.”

The President was asked if the Small Business Administration loans would cover hotels, many of which are part of larger chains with thousands of employees.

“If they have 200 hotels in the country and they are closed. We are going to be looking at it. It is a big problem. It is a lot of people employed,” he replied.

Congress and the administration are close to a deal that would add more money to the Small Business Administration’s popular Paycheck Protection Program but it was unclear if this money was available to hotels.

“You have hotels that are massive buildings but if you have no income coming in…they have to be closed down. It is a terrible thing,” said Trump. “I don’t know that they are working on that specific problem but it is a problem they should be talking about.”

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