Insight Vacations Introduces Small Private Group Journeys

Insight Vacations is recognizing travelers’ desires for more intimate travel experiences and is introducing a new small, private group option for 12 guests or more.

Travelers can create travel bubbles on select fall, winter and spring itineraries to Europe, the Eastern Mediterranean and North America with 38 trips available in the collection.

Guests can book trips such as the nine-day Amazing Spain and Portugal journey, the 16-day Israel Discovery and Jordan Experience with the Dead Sea, the seven-day Magical Switzerland trip, the nine-day Alpine Christmas Markets or the eight-day Desert Escapes of California & Arizona.

Insight is also offering flexibility in addition to the ability to create a travel bubble. Guests can change their travel plans up to 30 days prior to departure of their journey as a result of Insight’s flexibility promise. Clients can also save up to five percent by booking and paying in full by August 27, 2020.

Small Private Group Journeys require a surcharge of 30 percent for 12-15 guests, a 20 percent surcharge for 16-19 guests and a 10 percent surcharge for groups with 20-25 people. Groups with 26 or more travelers require no surcharge.

“We’re seeing travel starting to make a comeback and, in 2021, we anticipate the rise of multigenerational travel with clients yearning to reconnect again with their loved ones and extended family members and friends,” said Jon Grutzner, president of Insight Vacations. “To help our guests travel in the most comfortable way possible, we wanted to introduce the Private Group Option for smaller and more intimate group travel. We’ll also be able to tailor-make trips for clients who would like enhanced personalization and specific experiences where we take care of all the details.”

Insight will also keep guests safe with numerous new measures in place, including hygiene standards and protocols and the Travel Corporation’s specific Peace of Mind promise.

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