Iberostar Creates Medical Advisory Board to Face COVID-19 Challenges

Iberostar Group has consolidated its leadership in responsible tourism and the development of economic policies to implement a plan to face the hospitality industry’s challenges after the COVID-19 crisis.

“As an international hospitality company, people and the environment have always been a priority for Iberostar Group,” says vice chairman and CEO Sabina Fluxa. “We face new times and we need new solutions to promote circular economy policies in this scenario. Only resilient companies that are capable of meeting these challenges will be able to compete.”

Iberostar’s new team is working in coordination with its Sustainability Office and advises the company on its long-term health and prevention strategy, which adds another pillar to the company’s sustainability strategy and circular economy policies that were already under development.

The hotel group has added a Medical Advisory Board that includes experts in public health and safety in the tourism sector.

Among the experts joining the advisory board are Sebastian Crespi Rotger, founder and president of the consulting firm Biolinea Internacional, who will be accompanied by other specialists of recognized international reputation.

These experts are coordinating with Iberostar’s sustainability office and its main executives and operational management.

The Medical Advisory Board is leading the way for the hotel group’s adjustment during the pandemic, auditing health and safety protocols and designing specific measures to guarantee the safety of customers and employees.

The new guidelines will be in line with guidelines provided by public authorities and health institutions and comply with the responsible tourism model and economic policies that are at the core of the company’s vision.

Crespi has an established career as a specialist and researcher of infectious diseases in tourist environments and will be accompanied by other renowned virology and epidemiology experts. He is a biologist and a doctor of pharmacy and has recently collaborated with the World Health Organization (WHO) in the preparation of the provisional guide “Operational considerations for the management of COVID-19 in the accommodation sector.”

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