Cruisers share how noisy ships can really be – ‘heard everything from the room next door’

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Going on a cruise may be a fantastic holiday option, but the relaxing experience is not always what holidaymakers expect. On social media, cruisers are sharing their experiences with other cruise-lovers.

Cruises are a great way to see the world, but some cruisers forget cruise ships are hotels on the sea and they have neighbours.

Reddit user Apprehensive asked fellow cruise fans: “Am wondering if you can hear noises from the rooms around you, especially if it’s a connecting room. Really wondering how loud I can get without disturbing others?”

And the replies showed cruises may be louder than expected.

User openinanewtab recounted: “I heard everything from the room next door on our cruise last week.

“We could hear it with all our doors closed through the wall.

“Of course, they left their balcony open as well so they wanted everyone to hear…

“Norwegian moved us to a different room on day two.”

User patty1995 said: “On our cruise-from-hell (long story, don’t ask) we had newlyweds next door.

“We heard EVERTHING. When the cruise was cancelled after two days and we headed back, we broke out our smuggled wine and decided to polish it off.

“Our neighbour had the nerve to come over pounding on our door demanding we be quiet.

“My husband told him ‘Look, quick shot Charlie, we’ve heard everything and I’m done talking to you’, and slammed the door in his face.”

And it wasn’t just other cruisers that could be noisy, with xlxoxo saying: “If you stay in an ocean view room, pay attention to where the anchors are (especially port side).

“It can get noisy in the morning when they dock.

“If you have a nice room under the open decks, it can get noisy when they drag the furniture around in the morning to clean.

“There were some cruises where the HVAC sounded like I was on a plane as I was trying to sleep.

“A few comments for the cabin steward and they were able to reduce the noise/airflow.”

Tvgraves had a pretty simple explanation for all the noises: “The ship is made of steel and lightweight materials. Noises travel pretty readily.”

And deChoochifer wrote: “The walls are about an inch thick. Noises transfer.”

ToughLuver agreed: “Yes, even on the brand new ships the walls are paper thin. Don’t slam your doors and be considerate of your neighbours.”

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